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Tommy Kowalski

College attended/Degree/Military Service and what you do now
University of South Florida, BA in humanities with a minor in history. I am a full time personal trainer, crossfit coach and teach hockey lessons.

Your athletic background (did you play competitive sports, college sports; your certifications – including what CrossFit certs you have
Have played competitive hockey since I was 3 years old. 
ACE certified personal trainer, ACE certified fitness nutrition specialist
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Plan on getting CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) and CrossFit Level 2 trainer certs in 2018.

How did you find CrossFit?
Old manager went to BNI, thought I’d finally give it a try.

Favorite CrossFit move (could be Oly lift, other lift, cardio move, even burpees (if you really love them!))
Muscle ups

CrossFit athlete you would most like to WOD with
Brooke Wells or Brent Fitkowski

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