Coming in September: Lift More Oly 2-Day Event at CrossFit BNI

Lift More Oly 2-Day EventAt CrossFit BNI, we are committed to seeing our athletes meet each and every goal they have set for themselves. Whether we’re programming WODs, coaching a skill or movement, or providing a much-needed bit of motivation as the AMRAP clock winds down, our greatest joy comes when we see our athletes break through and accomplish something they might not have previously thought possible.

With that in mind, we are bringing the Lift More Oly 2-Day Olympic Lifting Event to CrossFit BNI. This event - and the coaches who put it on – travels the globe seeking to provide the very best in Olympic lifting instruction. Don’t miss out on this truly unique experience. This seminar covers:

  • Weightlifting theories and practice
  • Progressions practicing bar path and key positions to produce maximum force
  • Cues to build kinesthetic awareness
  • Proper technique for more efficient movement
  • Drills to improve strength and reinforce technique
  • Demonstration of movements for repetition
  • Mental exercises for attempting maximal lift
  • Exercises and drills that are most effective for mastery
  • Nutrition for optimal performance
  • Why Olympic Weightlifting is the most mentally challenging sport

For more information or to register for this event, check out the Eventbrite link below.

Register for the 2-Day event HERE

Bay Area Beatdown Photo Gallery

Bay Area Beatdown Features the Fittest in Tampa Bay

The 2013 Bay Area Beatdown is in the books and it was an incredible success. The athletes who competed gave everything they had and showed the kind of community and support that CrossFit has become famous for. Thanks to our friends at Jay Knickerbocker Photography, we can relive the moments, effort, and emotion of this year’s competition.

Bay Area Beatdown Results and Review (Video)

2013 Bay Area Beatdown is Officially in the Books

Bay Area Beatdown ResultsHundreds of athletes from around the state descended upon the Florida State Fair Grounds for the second annual Bay Area Beatdown hosted by CrossFit BNI. Over two days of competition, the participants were tested in a wide variety of strength and endurance skills. Whether it was climbing a rope, completing as heavy a thruster as possible, performing unique gymnastics-style movements on the rings, lifting atlas stones, or anything else, these athletes did everything they could to determine who is the fittest in Tampa Bay.

If you missed this year’s event, check out some of the highlights. Special thanks to Saringo Picture Co. for providing this footage.

Bay Area Beatdown from Roy Saringo on Vimeo.

Check out the results here: