The Ever-expanding Appeal of CrossFit

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Current CrossFitters know all of the benefits – physical, mental, emotional – that this sport has brought into their lives. However, we are often faced with resistance from those outside the CrossFit world. Increasingly, however, CrossFit is becoming more and more mainstream, and has been getting some serious attention on one of network television’s most popular shows.

The Biggest Loser on NBC features a trainer named Bob Harper, who has lead countless people through their own weight-loss transformations. But if you watch the show, you might notice some very familiar training methods to what goes on at the box. Truth be told, Bob is a CrossFitter and he is taking the theory and practice of CrossFit to his show. In the following article, Bob outlines what CrossFit means to him and how he has used it to help those who have turned to his show for answers.

Getting Started with CrossFit BNI

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