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Build Total-Body Strength Today With Our Strongman Training In Riverview

Put your strength to the test with our Strongman Training in Riverview. Think you've got what it takes? Let's get started. 

Our Strongman Training at CrossFit BNI is led by amateur strongman Anthony Fuhrman and can prepare you for local, state, and nationwide competitions. 

What Is Strongman Training And How Do I Get Started?

The Strongman competition pits you and the field in a number of events that push your body and test your traditional and dynamic strength with a wide range of movements and exercises.

At CrossFit BNI, you can prepare for the rigors of Strongman Competition or test your skills for recreation. We'll help you become more efficient in your movements and more prepared than ever for what a competition could throw your way. 

Our Strongman Training in Riverview includes:

Deadlifts: Conventional, axle bar, fat gripz, object deadlifts and more. This isn't your traditional pick it up and put it down. In a Strongman competition, you never know what will be thrown your way. 

Presses: Swiss bar, log press, Viking press, Axle bar, Circus dumbbell. Think you've mastered the conventional press? Try out one of the many variations the Strongman must overcome. 

Pulling: That's right, cars, trucks, sleds - you name it. Learn how to generate force with your entire body to move objects that simply don't look natural. 

Loading and carrying: Stones and sandbags dominate much of this field, but you never know what you'll be asked to throw, load, or carry. Learn how to find a grip on any object and overcome any challenge. 

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We're proud to work with experienced Strongmen and beginners alike. See if you've got what it takes or take your skills to the next level with our Strongman Training in Riverview. Our cutting-edge facility at CrossFit BNI has everything you need to get better in no time.

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