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Meet Reggie. He has been CrossFitting at BNI for 10 1/2 months now. His story is below:

CrossFit BNI Reggie

CrossFit BNI Saved my Life – (Wrote this a while ago; I have told this story plenty times even on stage to crowds) I was a football and soccer player most of high school and some college. Being a football player you develop certain eating habits that I never changed. I have been overweight since college, like most I grew up and got married. Several times I tried to lose weight trough diets, starvation, and cardio. I always gained the weight back plus more.

Then one day my wife came to me and said we need to start thinking about children. That was a reality check to me. I went to my doctor and the scale said 347 pounds and I had high cholesterol and he told me a cardiac event (heart attack or stroke) was imminent in the next 5 years. Took a few months to sink in, but I finally started to take steps, but nothing was really moving the scale.

So I started researching and heard a lot about Crossfit. So looked to find places in my area and wound up calling Beth at Crossfit BNI in February and told her about my weight and goals. I also told her about my fears and my misgiving about starting a program like this. I was unable to do a push up, sit-up, or box jump, I had a BMI over 40%. Didn’t think I could do it after the first week or 2. Plus I was embarrassed and ashamed I didn’t want anyone to even see me working out. Beth started working with me twice a week making me feel comfortable with myself and fitness level. Lots of encouragement, guidance and patience showing me how to properly do each movement, I eventually started to get it. I started to improve on my exercises gradually to the point I was able to join the class.

Once I joined the class I leaned that it was more than just a group of people, but fraternity all wanting to get the best out of each. In the class I heard nothing, but “Come on”, “You can do it, finish it out”, and “don’t quit”. You quickly become addicted to the exercises and the culture. With each passing week I saw pounds fall off and my clothes fit looser (Just like Beth and Mike said they would). With a lot of hard work and dedication I have lost about 120 pounds and went from a 52 inch waist to a 38 inch waste and I am still going. My friends and family can’t believe it, and my mom almost cried. My co-workers are star-struck, and always ask me what I am doing, and I always say “CrossFit you are welcome to come”. I have always been a top employee at my company, but when a high ranking Execs come to you and say “You are trimming up, good job” you start appreciate all the hard work.

Its more than just weight loss and getting fit, it is a change in your quality of life. It requires a commitment, but if you are serious about getting healthy and you want “REAL” results. You need to talk to Beth and Mike at CrossFit BNI and get started on your journey.
Welcome to BNI! We have had a large amount of new members start since the new year. Please be sure to greet them and give them extra encouragement when you see them.

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CrossFit BNI Trainer JillTRAINER SPOTLIGHT: Jill Ritenauer

My name is Jill Ritenauer, I’m currently a stay at home mom of two boys, and I love it!! I’ve always considered myself to be an athlete. From the time I can remember I’ve been around fitness and sports. My mom had my brothers and I in the gym every night as kids, and as I got older I developed my own passion for sports. I was a decent high school athlete: I played softball, volleyball, ran cross country and

was part of the swim team. However after high school I joined the Air Force and my playing sports pretty much diminished, as most people know the odds of being competitive after high school are slim for most people. So I started doing what my mom always did, I would go to aerobics during the week, I played on a couple non-competitive softball and volleyball teams and although I enjoyed it, I missed the drive to compete. During my 8 years of service I was a PTL (physical training leader) for the Air Force and it was then that I realized my passion to help others, and I knew that this was a gift I had been blessed with and I intended to use it! I separated from the Air Force in 2008 and that fall

I finally landed my first civilian job on Andrews AFB, MD. I kept hearing all this talk about CrossFit, I had never heard of it but thought “sure I’ll give it a try”….I was sore for what seemed weeks but was hooked within days! I knew immediately this was something I would love to do and pursue, therefore I was certified in the fall of 2009.

My husband got transferred to MacDill in the fall of 2010 and one of the first things I did when we moved here was look for a CrossFit Box, I saw a jeep with the number on it, called and Mike
answered…my husband and I drove to the box that day to check it out and the rest is history. I’ve competed in several local competitions and have found that CrossFit has changed my life in so many
positive ways. I’m excited to continue this journey…and to help and encourage others on the way! Remember if you think you’re good…you can be better, if you think your great, you can be greater!!

Always strive to be the best YOU possible…with CrossFit there are no limits to your GREATNESS!!



Raid Games

Come cheer on Team BNI or compete on April 19th and 20th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Click the picture above for more information.

BNI Hockey Night

We have planned an evening of fun! On March 16th at 7pm join us at the Forum to watch the Lightning vs. Hurricanes. For $125, guests will be treated to all you can eat and drink (including beer, wine and cocktails) in the Channelside Club. Call for details 813-671-9230

Kids Competition

BNI will be hosting a CrossFit Kids competition on Saturday, April 13th. This will be a fun-filled day for competitors age 9-12 to show their strength and skills. Cost will be just $25 per athlete. Call for more details and to register 813-671-9230

CrossFit Games Open

Sign up now to compete against athletes around the world Do you have what it takes to be labeled as the fittest? Register now for the CrossFit Games Open and join Team BNI as we are challenged with grueling wods from March 6 – April 3. Click the picture to register.



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