CrossFit BNI Trainers Add CrossFit Endurance Certifications

CrossFit EnduranceCrossFit BNI trainers Mike, Beth, and Andrea each added an important certification to their resumes as they successfully completed the CrossFit Endurance certification course. This certification will improve the trainers’ ability to teach CrossFit BNI members’ how to perform with better mechanics during endurance workouts and be ready for any upcoming event or race.

During the course, the trainers learned how CrossFit Endurance works for both endurance athletes and CrossFit athletes. They were trained in proper running mechanics through video taping and drills. Additionally, the trainers learned about CrossFit Endurance training & programming, nutrition, recovery, injury prevention & care. They are excited to be able to bring this new knowledge and understanding of endurance to the box to best benefit all BNI athletes.

The next time you see Mike, Beth, or Andrea, congratulate them on this new certification and thank them for preparing themselves to best assist you in your endurance performance.



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