Crossfit Training

Welcome to the newest chapter for CrossFit B.N.I! This is another exercise program that we now offer which is sure to get results for anyone! CrossFit is not aimed at any one body type or strength. The best part is, that since it is not a specialized program, it is just as effective for Homemakers as it is for Triathletes or Fire Fighters or those who have not done any formal training what so ever. The main goal of CrossFit is to increase the strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and overall fitness of an individual and to prepare them for any physical task.

CrossFit is NOT an ordinary workout regimen like you have done in the past. We will show you how to properly perform a large number of new movements using little to no weight and Olympic lifts on the simplest of equipment. While you may have heard of handstands, pull-ups, pirouettes, squats and jump roping, joining our CrossFit will show you that combining these movements and drills in an intense atmosphere will give you the best workout of your life.

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