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Olympic Lifting Classes

Olympic Lifting Programming and the BNI (Beyond Normal Intensity) Barbell Club


We regularly incorporatenOlympic lifting movements in our CrossFit classes and personal training programming. Members can expect to perform the Olympic lifts at our facility, which include:

Cleans - Getting the bar from the ground or from a hanging position at the waist into a supported position at an athlete's shoulders.

Jerks - Lifting the bar from the shoulders into an overhead position with an athlete's arms fully extended.

Snatches - Hoisting the bar in one continuous explosive movement from the ground or from a position at the waist to an overhead position with the arms fully extended.

While these Olympic movements often show up in our "workout of the day", we also pay special attention to them during our daily skills sessions, and we cover them fully during our scheduled programs. We also offer monthly classes to help people focus on the technique of the Olympic lifts outside of the CrossFit class environment.

CrossFit BNI (Beyond Normal Intensity) is also USAW licensed and certified, and has a Barbell Club that meets twice a week to focus solely on the Olympic lifts and accessory movements. Athletes must attend the Olympic lifting class, or have attended similar formal training in the Olympic lifts in order to join the Barbell Club.

Contact CrossFit BNI (Beyond Normal Intensity) for more information on our approach to Olympic lifting for athletes in Apollo Beach, Ybor, East Tampa, Brandon, Florida, and anywhere else in the Tampa Bay area. Don't forget to ask us about how a personal trainer from CrossFit BNI (Beyond Normal Intensity) can help you achieve your goals, whether that's one-on-one or in a group setting.