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Calvin Williams

College attended/Degree/Military Service and what you do now

* Saint Leo University 
* Former US Army 
* Civil servant for the DOD

Your athletic background (did you play competitive sports, college sports; your certifications – including what CrossFit certs you have

I’ve played sports since I can remember. Football and track primarily, but also tried wrestling and baseball.

* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) (2018)

How did you find CrossFit?

While deployed in Afghanistan, I noticed this group doing some intense workout with a lot of different and cool movements like muscle ups, handstand walks and all while moving some heavy weights. I was sold!

Favorite CrossFit move (could be Oly lift, other lift, cardio move, even burpees (if you really love).

Although not my best lift, I would say my favorite lift is the snatch. Not only must you be strong, but your technique must be solid. Trusting the process and feeling that point in which you know you got it.

CrossFit athlete you would most like to WOD with (and for what reason)

Honestly, no one famous, just a bunch of great guys and gals I’ve met along the way.

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