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Hope Heim

College attended/Degree/Military Service and what you do now

I attended Florida State University (GO NOLES!) and got a degree in hospitality management. I worked in a few different hotels/venues as an Event Planner in Asheville + Charlotte, NC before moving to NYC to continue my career for the last 5 years. I just moved back from NYC to South Tampa, which is where I grew up. My husband is currently training to be an officer in the Marines, so I am taking care of our sweet baby, Wolfgang, in the meantime. 

Your athletic background 

I was actually not very athletic growing up! I rotated through gymnastics, softball, dance, track, but nothing really stuck. I was in band and choir instead, and was much more musically inclined, than athletic. It wasn’t until college where I started going to the gym on campus, and even then it was probably mostly to meet boys, as one does in college.  

How did you find CrossFit

I started CrossFit after seeing a box in my neighborhood in NYC. I didn’t know many people and I wanted to stay active so I thought I would give it a shot. I really feel in love with the community and also the technicality of the movements. The workouts always felt challenging and exciting. I loved that every day was something different. I ended up picking up some hours working at the gym, at the front desk, and then decided to get my level 1 so that I could coach. Meanwhile, I had met a very handsome man at that gym, who hopped on the opportunity to go away with me for the weekend and to also get his level 1. We quickly fell in love  and now are married with a baby! CrossFit is and always will be very special to us for many reasons. 

My favorite CrossFit Move(s) are

 Clean + Jerks, box jump-overs, kettlebell snatches, handstand walks!!! 

CrossFit Athlete I'd like to WOD with....


Definitely Katrin Davidsdottir, in Iceland at her home gym. 

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