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Katie DeLibertis

College attended/Degree/Military Service and what you do now

-Aurora University in IL

-Firefighter for Tampa

-Coach competitive gymnastics 

-Coach Crossfit 


Your athletic background (did you play competitive sports, college sports; your certifications – including what CrossFit certs you have

-Club volleyball, gymnastics, and softball were my main sports growing up.

-Crossfit L1, Crossfit L2, Crossfit Oly, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. 


How did you find CrossFit?

-I started by purchasing a Groupon. One of my gymnasts mothers attended BNI specifically so she invited me to try it out. My first WOD was Murph!


Favorite CrossFit move (could be Oly lift, other lift, cardio move, even burpees (if you really love them!))

-Anything and everything body weight and Gymnastics! 


CrossFit athlete you would most like to WOD with (and for what reason)


-I honestly think I have the best group of friends anyone could ask for to workout with right now! 

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