Brandon In-House Massage

You CrossFit. You stretch and mobilize. You need a massage!

Massage is beneficial to relieve stress and anxiety from everyday life, and it also helps target specific problem areas that have been affected by injury or repetitive movement. Regular massage therapy helps reduce recovery time and assists in bringing the body back into balance, which in turn helps to improve form when in regular training.

For site-specific pain or restrictions while training, massage can greatly improve your form and body mechanics. Any pain or discomfort while training will restrict the body from properly going through its full range of motion, which could further cause strain and injury to the body. Massage can help!

CrossFit BNI is excited to announce and welcome our new in-house massage therapist - Rachael Horton. Rachael graduated from Bristol Community College in Massachusetts in 2007 and has been practicing massage regularly since that time. She has worked in spa settings and continues to build her business. We are happy to have a dedicated space inside CrossFit BNI just for massage!

Please see below for rates. Massage is by appointment only.

30 min / $50 
60 min / $80 
90 min / $110 
Members and Staff receive $10 off. 
Package deals are also available.

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