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Looking to get stronger, faster, more confident, or just more motivated than ever before? Well, you've come to the right place. At CrossFit BNI (Beyond Normal Intensity), we train men and women of all ages and backgrounds from Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, and Lithia to make their goals a reality.

We are proud to offer a wide range of classes from cutting-edge CrossFit workouts to the best Personal Training in town. There is a multitude of equipment at our box from standard CrossFit including Air Assault bikes and sleds, to some of the “fun” different toys like pegboards, ski erg, a handstand ramp and stairs obstacle and even Strongman equipment like Atlas stones, log press, Circus dumbbell, axle bar and more.

Plus, keep your kids active and excited today with our Kids CrossFit Classes. We truly have something for the whole family and we're dedicated to helping you on the path to better health and fitness. Our facility in Riverview is second to none and we have fostered a community of athletes who have each others' backs each and every day.

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Rianna Medlin

Just moved here and lucked into BNI because it was close to where I found a place. Lucky me, awesome coaches, great programming (even if it kicks my ass daily) and a great facility overall.

Shane Walthers

I love the variety of programs offered at Crossfit BNI. There is a program for any fitness level. The vibe is awesome, everyone is welcoming and pleasant. I especially love that the staff is so focused on proper form. To me, this shows that their members are not "just a number" but that they genuinely care about helping you reach your goals.

Hope Fitting

Paul Wright

I was in Tampa area and did a drop in, I am so glad I did! Great Box!! The athletes were so welcoming to an out of towner. Saturday is team WOD and I suggest you hit it if you're in the area. You will get a great workout.

Jeff Frizzell

Best place ever! Great coaching and friendly atmosphere. So happy to have found this place.

Nicole Kettermann

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